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An unexpected Japanese chilled coffee

Not to be confused with iced coffee.  Some believe cold brew was introduced to Japan by Dutch traders. The earliest documented record of cold brew coffee traces back to 1600s Japan, and is referred to as Kyoto-style coffee. The Japanese would brew cold coffee for hours, slowly extracting every flavor from the bean. Other Asian countries are known for cold coffee, but use either hot-brewed coffee (as in Thai and Vietnamese iced coffee) or instant coffee (Indian cold coffee). By the 1930s, Cuba reinvented the process and iced coffee gained popularity across the US. 

Brewing details




Cold brew


Medium - dark roasts


Fine mesh and/or fine cloth

Grind size



10 - 24 hours

Can the cold brew be used for specialty coffee?

Yes! It is one of the oldest ways to make coffee and has long been the standard for making large quantities of coffee concentrate.

Brewing process

Step 1

Weigh and grind your coffee beans.

Step 2

Add coffee to the cold brew filter chamber and place into the glass pot.

Step 3

Pour your spring water or filtered water to the top. Cover the pot.

Step 4

Leave the cold brew pot in the fridge for a minimum of 8 hours.

Step 5

We recommend a prolonged period of time for lighter roasts.

Step 6

Strain the coffee with a fine mesh and/or fine cloth.

Sustainable tip!

Save the grounds and add them to your compost or garden soil to use as fertilizer.

Decolonize your coffee

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