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Espresso: a potent, short and neat caffè

Locals in Italy say coffee tastes like home, describing their grandmothers pouring it into tazzine (i.e. small cups). Italians drink lots of coffee. They drink it small, thick, dark and fast, standing on their feet. Italian coffee is a dawn ritual, a mid-morning break and an after-meal sip to rejuvenate and help with digestion. It's a sign of good hospitality to offer it to guests, who rarely refuse a caffè.

Brewing details




Moka pot


Medium - dark roasts



Grind size



5 - 10 minutes

Can the Moka pot be used for specialty coffee?

Sì! As long as it’s ground properly, specialty coffee is especially tasty from a Moka.

Brewing process

This iconic aluminum pot invented in 1933 is so simple and brilliant in its design, pressurizing water using heat and forcing it through coffee sandwiched between a metal filter and its screw on top.

Step 1

Fill the base chamber with cold water up to the valve.

Step 2

Insert the filter and fill it with ground coffee (don't press!).

Step 3

Screw the filter and top with its rubber gasket in place.

Step 4

Put the pot on the stove at low heat. Turn off the heat when gurgling sound starts and wait 1-2 minutes.

Step 5

Turn off the heat when gurgling sound starts and wait.

Step 6

Rinse without detergent and let it dry thoroughly.

An ancient secret

Mix the coffee with a spoon before pouring.

Decolonize your coffee

Sip the revolution