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Where great coffee meets greater change.

Hi there, we’re Jasmine & Danielle

We created Uncharted to combine our shared love for travel and coffee.

For us, the two go hand in hand; where travel opens doors to new cultures, landscapes, and people, each coffee bean carries the story of its origin, the soil where it was grown, and the hands that nurtured it.

With our exclusive, one-of-a-kind, limited-run roasts, we invite you to taste and experience rare coffee from around the world, with every sip acting as a new stamp in your flavor passport.

But we’re not just about the brew

We’re committed to restoring, replenishing, and telling the stories of communities affected by the coffee industry’s dark history.

We work with farmers from all around the globe with an intentional focus on supporting communities of color. We’re adamant about sourcing our products from them directly, ensuring every step of the process respects their hard work, supports their livelihoods, and contributes positively to their communities. So that when you fill your cup, you’re filling theirs too.

Let’s stir a revolution together.

Join us at Uncharted, where every cup tells a story, and every sip is a step towards change.