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Decolonize your coffee, revolutionize your mornings.

Savor the story

We recognize that coffee is more than just a pick-me-up.

It is, in its essence, a social glue, a cultural gem, and a historic compass. Within each bean is a story to be told about the community that farmed it, the traditions of brewing it, and the legacies of its past.

Confronting Coffee’s Past

The history of coffee is a dark one.

Steeped in a bitter brew of exploitation and inequality, with roots deeply entrenched in forced labor and slavery. Today, communities of color in coffee-producing regions continue to bear the brunt of these historical injustices, facing systemic disadvantages that challenge their livelihoods and stifle their economic growth.

Harvesting Equality

Our vision is ambitious yet clear.

We seek to stimulate reform in the coffee industry and craft a just future for Black and Brown communities in coffee-producing nations. In doing so, we also seek to blend our mission for equity with a dedication to sustainability and respect for our planet.

Here’s how we plan to do it

Reclaiming Coffee’s Narrative

We’re passionate about breaking down old, colonial structures in the coffee industry.

We’re striving to change the narrative, shifting the focus from profit-driven trade to a balanced, equitable model that prioritizes the dignity and livelihoods of those at the heart of coffee production–the farmers. It’s about more than just fair pay; it’s about challenging power dynamics, returning agency to the growers, and ensuring they have a central voice in decisions that impact their future.

Fairer Farmer Wages

Championing fairness is our cup of tea, or rather, coffee.

Championing fairness is our cup of tea, or rather, coffee. We make it our mission to ensure our coffee farmers receive direct-trade wages, which simply means they get a fair, livable income that recognizes the grind behind every bean. Unlike other trade models, direct trade guarantees that more of your bucks go straight into the pockets of the hardworking farmers, helping them and their communities flourish.

Unveiling the Journey

Our limited-run, monthly drops aren’t just about savoring new flavors.

They’re a way for us to tell stories that may otherwise go unheard. We bring you the captivating journey of each bean, from the very soil it sprouted in to the devoted farmers who nurtured it. It’s our way of connecting you to the heart of coffee production, giving you a glimpse into the lives of those who work the land, and the legacy they are a part of with every bean they grow.

Preserving our Environment

Intensive coffee farming has had significant environmental impacts.

Such as deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and soil degradation. We’re putting our money where our heart is, committing 1% of our sales to preserving and restoring our precious planet. This means every cup you savor contributes directly to keeping our earth green–fostering a healthier environment for coffee to grow and for us all to thrive.

Leaving no Trace

We believe that a great cup of coffee shouldn’t cost the earth.

That’s why we use plant-based compostable packaging to cut down on waste and reduce our environmental footprint. Unlike traditional packaging, our compostable bags break down naturally, returning to the earth instead of languishing in a landfill. So, each sip of our coffee doesn’t just taste good, it feels good too.

Let’s stir a revolution together.

Join us at Uncharted, where every cup tells a story, and every sip is a step towards change.